traveling butterfly
crying with the flowers
dancing with the trees
I love you


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Anonymous asked: Hello! Do you ever come to the east coast?

I am based in Pennsylvania :)

Anonymous asked: Are you going to Monterey?

What’s that?!

Anonymous asked: I wish you were going to farm fest ugh :( I'd love to meet you, sweet flower!!

If I were in the east I’d be theree :(

Anonymous asked: There's something so sweet and innocent about you. Almost childlike, in the best of ways. You seem so wonderfully centered. I hope you never it lose it.

That’s very sweet, thank you :)

Who wants to chill in Santa Cruz today?!
" Write drunk, edit sober. "
Anonymous asked: I live in Santa Cruz and I wish I could meet you!!! And I would 10000% let you stay at my place but it's in the middle of the woods

Come off anon!! X

I’ll keep traveling til my heart finds peace, but even when it does I’ll keep moving
cuz there’s so much to see, ground beneath bare feet…

" You have within you more love than you could ever understand. "
Santa Cruz!!

Anyone in Santa Cruz have a yard where Eden and I could pitch our tent tonight?!?! :)