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i am a traveling butterfly
crying with the flowers, dancing with the trees
catch me if you can

in life a lot of ppl will make exciting plans/visions with you only to let u down 

but u know what u gotta do?

fuck em

yeah that’s right

just fuck em

my hair makes my heart flutter <3


i get freaked out when i see people from around my hometown are lookin’ at my blog


who’s there

what do u want

Errrday .-.

Anonymous asked: pictures of your dreadie progress??

oneee sec :)

50 dreads and my head is only halfway done hehe sooo tiny cuties

dreadies are coming along :) i might actually have my whole head done tonight!!

Ive been on a processed food binge all day :( help

Anonymous asked: Are you going to dread extensions for your hair again, as well?? (:

Yeshh :)

belroz asked: What about your bangs? Are you going to leave them loose?

Yup yup

Anonymous asked: Aw yay the dreads are coming back!!!!! This actually makes me really happy, I really did love you with your dreads, and you had so much fun putting flowers in them :)

:)))) I’m very excited

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is a stupid question. Are those rubber bands holding your sections in place?

Not stupid :)

sunflower-lovin asked: AAAHHHH SO JEALOUS! I have always wanted dreads! what method are you using? please let us know how it turns out!!!!!

Back combing!! :)